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Unit 3 Folder Checklist

The final draft of the Bibliographical Analysis Essay is due today, Monday March 31 and is worth 150 points, 15% of your grade. When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments as well as the Essay 3 Guidelines and Rubric, which can be found on the blog.

The Unit 3 Folder is also due.  As always, this should be an actual folder (NOT a binder, please) and its contents are also worth 50 points, 5% of your final grade.  Please take out all of the Unit 1 and Unit 2 work.  I won’t need to see it again.

Here’s what should go inside:

– Questions 1 and 2
– Questions 3 and 4
– Questions 5 and 6
– Introducing Quotation
– Rough draft of Unit 3 Essay with Peer Review comment sheet
– Final Draft of Unit 3


Remember to upload Unit 3 to the correct D2L dropbox!

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Helpful Tips for Unit 3

Remember that Unit 3 is a bibliographical analysis, NOT an argumentative research paper. Don’t waste your time making points that you will only have to repeat in your Unit 4 paper! Don’t take a side on the issue yet! The main thing you should be doing in THIS assignment is analyzing your bibliography. What do the sources you have chosen say? How do they work together? What about them (who they were written by, where/when they were published, their authors’ rhetorical strategies) matters most?

Here is the Unit 3 Rubric .

Here are some questions to keep in mind while writing Unit 3 in order to get a good grade on the assignment:

-Do you have a purposeful, strong thesis? Does each successive paragraph contribute to the development of this thesis? Is your thesis organizational in nature, as opposed to argumentative?

-Which of the three organizational schemes suggested in the prompt (Historical Timeline, Multiple Issues or Contrasting Sides) are you using?

-When thinking about this organizing scheme, which of the questions from the prompt (the six that you completed for homework) were the most helpful or revealing?

-Do you mention all 8-10 sources at some point in your paper? Are you using these sources as specific examples/support for claims you make in your paper? Do you use in-text citation properly? Have you included an MLA-formatted Works Cited page?

Daily Homework, Unit 3

Homework for Wednesday, March 19

For Wednesday, please answer the following two questions for YOUR OWN research topic:

1) What type of writers take up this subject, and what seem to be their reasons?

2) What kind of audiences do writers seem to be addressing or attempting to address in their writings?

Together, your two answers should be about 2 pages long, double-spaced. Remember to use evidence from the sources to support what you say!

Also for Wednesday, please locate and read a review of Twelve Years A Slave written by a critic with a last name that begins with the same letter as your own. (Try imdb.com or rottentomatoes.com.)