Daily Homework, Unit 1

Homework for Wednesday, February 5

The final draft of the Investigative Essay is due on Wednesday and is worth 100 points, AKA 10% of your final grade for the class. When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments as well as the Essay 1 Guidelines and Rubric, which can be found on the blog.

The Unit 1 Folder is also due. This should be an actual folder (NOT a binder, please) and its contents are worth 50 points, AKA 5% of your final grade.

Here’s what should go inside:
– Response 1: What is Gender? What is Sex?
– Response 2: When Boys Won’t Be Boys
– Response 3: GoldieBlox
– Response 4: Coverflip
– Response 5: Being a Man
– Rough draft of paper with Peer Review comment sheet

Resources, Unit 1

Allyn and Bacon on Exploratory Writing

Getting started on your Investigative Essay? Chapter 7 in our Allyn and Bacon text (starting on p. 171) has good information on every step of completing this type of assignment.

While searching for a topic, consider what issues interest and perplex you!

When doing exploratory or investigative writing, it’s important “to create a tension between alternative views” (174). Consider as many points-of-view as you can, and pay attention to how your own opinion changes as you learn more. Don’t be satisfied with your first answer! This is why Essay B received a higher grade from a teacher than Essay A — because the writer of Essay B uses writing as a “process of inquiry and discovery” (174).

In investigative writing, the writer incorporates the different stages of his/her thinking process into the essay.

FIGURE 7.1, the Framework for an Exploratory Essay on p. 180 can be very helpful.

Make sure you have read the entire section on Exploratory Writing (pp. 171-182) by Wednesday.

Basics, Unit 1

General guidelines for Unit 1 responses

The responses you do in preparation for the Investigative Essay are miniature versions of the Unit 1 assignment — they are shorter in length, but are made up of the same parts:

-There should be a “summary of the general discussion” around the issues discussed in the article.  You must include what the author of the article has to say.  You may also wish to bring in your previous knowledge about the topic, information from other sources, and/or your personal experience.

-Your response will focus specifically “on one or two issues that are of particular interest to you.”  What do you find to be most important about this article?  What is controversial, or inspires strong feelings?  What issues do you feel are not represented that need to be discussed?  What are the strongest points the author makes?  Where does he or she go wrong?


– Be specific and particular

– Back up claims with evidence

-Use MLA formatting and cite your sources (including the assigned article)

Please refer to the Essay1Guidelines if you get stuck!