Announcement, Unit 5, Unit Guidelines

Unit 5 Prompt

Unit 5 is the Final Exam for English 102, worth 100 points or 10% of your final grade. The exam will be administered during finals week on Tuesday, May 6 from 10:10-12:10 in WHAM 205.

We will be discussing the requirements in class this week. The prompt is here:
Essay 5/Final Exam Prompt

Unit 4

Unit 4 Folder Checklist

The final draft of the Source-Based Argumentative Research Paper (9-10 pages, 8-12 sources) is due on Monday, April 28 and is worth a whopping 250 points AKA 25% of your grade. When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments on your three drafts as well as the Essay 4 Guidelines and Rubric.

The Unit 4 Folder is also due on Monday. Its contents are worth 50 points, 5% of your final grade. Please take out all of the work from earlier units.

Here’s what should go inside:

– “Teen Sex at Home” response/Personal pronouns activity
– Sexting/signal phrases
– Thesis homework
– Thesis classwork
– U4 outline/prewriting
– “Cockblocking Rapists” response
– Fallacies
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #1
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #2
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #3
– U4 Final Draft

Finally, remember to upload Unit 4 to the correct D2L dropbox!


Extra Credit Opportunity — Little Grassy Literary Festival

Here is the flyer for the Little Grassy Literary Festival. For extra credit, attend one of the events (the book signing doesn’t count) and write an informal one-page report on the content of the reading or panel and on your reactions to it. You must demonstrate to me that you actually attended an event and that you have given it some thought in order to receive the credit. Contact me with any questions!

Little Grassy Poster 2014

For better quality, click on the image to expand, or download the poster here: Little Grassy Poster 2014