Resources, Unit 2, Unit Guidelines

Questions for a Proposal Argument (from MyCompLab)

Now that you have thoroughly researched your topic, you should have a clearer idea as to what your final assignment will be on. Essay 2B requires you to write a paper proposal for your final essay in this course. Your final essay will take the form of a extended, source-based, argumentative research essay.

For this building assignment you should answer each question with a minimum of 2 targeted sentences each (at least 10 sentences in total). The questions are:

1. Your proposal should demonstrate the existence of the problem. Therefore, you should answer why this problem is important?

2. Your proposal will need to allude to possible solutions to the issue. Therefore, how do you think the problem could be solved?

3. What are some of the main ideas of the critical research you have done on the problem already?

4. What is a gap, hole, or shortcoming in the ideas of this research? In other words, your goal should be to fill this gap in the present critical thought–what is the gap that needs to be filled?

5. What are areas of further research that you will need to complete?


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