Daily Homework, Unit 2

Homework for Monday, Febriuary 17 (NOT due on Friday)

A rough draft of your Annotated Bibliography is due in class on Monday. Here is what you must include:

– An explanation of one to three sentences that introduces the topic of your project

Ten possible sources for your paper, listed alphabetically in correct MLA formatting

– Complete annotations of 150-250 words for three of these sources

Remember: Your list must include at least one book (could be a book chapter), at least one journal article, at least one magazine/newspaper article, and at least one website. You may use a documentary film or other video clip with Ms. Brattin’s written approval. All sources must be three pages in length or more; any shorter sources must be approved in writing by Ms. Brattin.

There is no reading assignment due for Friday; it would be smart to get a head start on this so you can enjoy your weekend!


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