Announcement, Unit 5

Room for Final Exam

The Final Exam is today at 10:10 AM. The room has not changed; the exam will be in WHAM 205. See you soon!

Announcement, Unit 5

Final Exam tomorrow

Hi everybody!

The final exam is tomorrow from 10:10-12:10 in WHAM 205.

Things to bring:

-A Blue Book (required). These can be purchased for under 50 cents at the book store. If you don’t have one yet, allow yourself time tomorrow to pick one up.

-A blue or black pen (required).
-A dictionary (optional). No electronic devices will be allowed during the exam.
-A typed or handwritten one-page outline (optional).

Remember, the outline you prepare should not be a draft. It should use sentence fragments instead of complete sentences. Exceptions: 1. You may copy a question or two from the prep sheet that you wish to refer to as you write in complete-sentence form. 2. You may include self-quotes from any postwrites that you wish to use in your essay.

The essay prompt is available in the last blog post for your reference.

Unit 4

Unit 4 Folder Checklist

The final draft of the Source-Based Argumentative Research Paper (9-10 pages, 8-12 sources) is due on Monday, April 28 and is worth a whopping 250 points AKA 25% of your grade. When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments on your three drafts as well as the Essay 4 Guidelines and Rubric.

The Unit 4 Folder is also due on Monday. Its contents are worth 50 points, 5% of your final grade. Please take out all of the work from earlier units.

Here’s what should go inside:

– “Teen Sex at Home” response/Personal pronouns activity
– Sexting/signal phrases
– Thesis homework
– Thesis classwork
– U4 outline/prewriting
– “Cockblocking Rapists” response
– Fallacies
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #1
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #2
– U4 Draft/Peer Review #3
– U4 Final Draft

Finally, remember to upload Unit 4 to the correct D2L dropbox!